Risk Assessment

Risk Assessment

Analysis of the state and development possibilities of environmental, industrial, societal, political, private and other issues.
Impact assessment from an economic (occupational), social (legal and political) and environmental perspective;
Evaluation of action and design options.

Our methods are supplemented by literature review, expert interviews, scenario or case study analysis. The technology assessment can also be performed as a simple Environmental Impact Assessment.

Research, system analysis, statistical, and mathematical modeling

We are skilled at finding solutions to environmental and business issues, as well as adept at dealing with a project’s risk issues,
predictive uncertainty, variability, and diversity analysis, particularly, though not exclusively, with regard to environmental research, materials flow, and logistics and systems research.

We have extensive experience in the following areas:

  • Environmental emission analysis and modeling
  • Environmental exposure analysis and modeling
  • Environmental toxicity analysis and modeling
  • Environmental risk analysis and modeling
  • Material flow analysis and modeling
  • System analysis and system modeling (e.g., on material processes in waste incineration plants)

We are also skilled in other areas and in various forms of cooperation.