Decision Theory – Game Theory Consulting

Decision Theory, Strategy Development

Strategy consulting for private and public organizations (companies, governments, ministries, all kinds of organizations).

If you are faced with difficult decisions of all kinds,

If you have already made certain decisions and, finding that they did not bring success,
believe that they must be reconsidered,

If you believe a particular decision to be complex and seek external consultancy to deal with it,

We can help you!







Game Theory Consulting

Game theory can be applied to a variety of applications and helps when strategic actors influence each other in terms of business questions, consumer behaviors, political issues, resources, project management, social behaviors, and other aspects.

We develop for your contexts (industry) mathematical models of cooperative and noncooperative game theory

in which various actors compete with each other and search for the best solutions and recommendations for action.

We formalize your situation and seek science-based strategies and solutions, for example, based on methods of Nash equilibria, minimax algorithms, elimination of dominated strategies and modeling of uncertainty, utility and preference functions.

You’ll not be misled by abstract terminology! All formalizations will be easily understandable.

A mandate is rejected if we already advise your competition.