Risk analysis and engineering

If you are facing certain risks (e.g. business risks) and want to better assess and mitigate them,

If you are interested in quantitative analysis, modeling, and simulation of your risks,

If you understand that risks involve a lack of absolute certainty and full information,

And if you are unsure as to your own uncertainties yet want to quantify them,

We can help you through the use of stochastic and probabilistic methods!

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Environmental risk analysis and environmental risk analysis consultancy (as an an example) include modeling and analysis, for:

  • Risks of any kind, such as those caused by environmental exposure to chemicals (synthesized nanomaterials, etc.);
  • Ecotoxicological risks (biological responses of ecosystems from exposure to chemicals);
  • Resources and energy supplies;
  • Financial and business processes (for example, supply-chain strategies), industrial processes;
  • Product and technology development and applications (for example, exposure to chemicals, nanomaterials, nuclear power, hydropower, etc.);
  • Natural hazards (climate dynamics, flooding, drought, crop failure, etc.);
  • Economic, social or political crises (for example, lack of resources).

For dealing with great uncertainty and variability, we offer fully stochastic/probabilistic methods.