Data Analysis

We provide statistical advice for individual clients and corporations, be they public or private institutions.

Big Data

  • Data Mining
  • Machine Learning

No Data

  • Data Scenarios (Monte Carlo)
  • Machine Learning

Our analysis, evaluation, and professional presentation of data are based on standardized scientific methods, with each service individualized to focus on a client’s specific issues and based on a variety of methods. For example, our statistical programming is done in R.

Based on a cost estimate (which can be performed along with a cost ceiling estimate on request), the level of our assistance
to your company can be established contractually.


Predictive Mathematical Modeling

In addition to classical data analysis, we also offer predictive statistical modeling and programming in various fields.

  • Mathematical modeling, especially based on stochastic or probabilistic and Bayesian approaches.
  • Statistical analysis: regression, analysis of variance, hypothesis testing, data validation and identification of gaps in information for operational and nonbusiness (for example, scientific) decisions.
  • Robustness tests: implementation of computerized parametric and structural tests to assess the robustness of (uncertainty, variability) as well as the strengths and weaknesses of the (economic) model.



Multicriteria decision analysis (MCDA), e.g., a) for complex decision situations (private or occupational situations), b) for the prediction of strategic and operational behavior of stakeholders, business partners, competitors.


We are also skilled in other areas and in various forms of cooperation. Do not hesitate to contact us (no student counselling) to set up an initial conversation.